Unique Technology
Nanoklenz Industrial Liquid has been formulated for the fast effective hydrocarbon sustainable bioremediation clean-up of large scale spills such as, crude oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuels and other hydrocarbon liquids .
Nanorem Industrial Powder is used for the sustainable bioremediation clean-up of high-density spills of crude oil, bunker fuel, engine oil, lubricants and other high-density liquid petroleums.
Oil Blitz is the name for the range of consumer sustainable bioremediation products. It is used for the remediation of hydrocarbon spills, or leaks.
Oil Blitz Greenkeeper has been specially formulated for the sports turf industry. Oil & fuel spills on high pofile greens can cause considerable pain and inconvenience for greenkeepers. Oil Blitz Greenkeeper quickly and safely eradicates the problem.
Nanobooms are predominantly utilised for the clean-up of hydrocarbon spills of bunker fuel, engine oil, lubricants and other high density liquid petroleums in a water environment, such as interceptors and marine bilges.