Our Mission

Nanobite Global Ltd is a pioneering company in Sustainable Bioremediation.

We clean up oil spills safely. Our products convert hydrocarbon contamination to water and carbon dioxide using our patented; sustainable; environmental friendly bioremediation technology.  

Traditionally, the treatment of oil spills has been carried out with dispersants, toxic chemicals or through the introduction of lab-produced bugs and microbes. These methods all have major environmental implications and don't remediate the problems effectively. Instead, often they spread the problem over a larger area, create toxic by-products or result in the contamination ending up in landfill sites.  The application of our NANOBITE Product range changes all this.  It is a quantum leap in the treatment of hydrocarbon spills.  

Based in Northern Ireland and with offices in The USA and Middle East, we are ideally structured to assist both government and private organisations to deal with major hydrocarbon spills.

Our passion is to make our planet a cleaner, better place to live.